Lost Souls Ministry

Lost Souls was formed to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to suffering communities. Gene "Bones" Boswell and his wife Brenda began this ministry by walking the streets and handing out Bibles and ministering to anyone who would listen. It became clear in the beginning that the needs of the people were greater than one couple could handle. The ministry was formed in September 2005 and has been growing ever since.

Gene "Bones" and Brenda Boswell

We go into the most spiritually war torn of communities, shut down the streets and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through preaching, praise & worship, food, drinks, clothing, and children activities to those who have lost all hope. We don't want to leave these people in the streets. We send them to bible based churches where they can be discipled and, in turn, sent back out to spread the Word of God. Thus, we CAN take back our communities if we all work together.