Mustard Seed Ministry

After a life lived in the real world... partying, alcohol, drugs, abortion, and abuse, God reached down and touched our lives. He showed us our need for His Savior, Jesus Christ. Once saved, deliverance has been a process. God has been faithful... to facilitate healing and restoration to our lives. He now allows us to reach out and minister to others from all walks of life. Our ministry is one of encouraging and strengthening believers, as well as showing God's love to the lost, as we allow the Word of God to be alive and active in our own lives. We are truly amazed and humbled at what God alone has done in our lives and wish only to bring others to a deeper understanding of His saving, healing and incredible grace!

Joel and Doris

We now live on the Rosebud Indian Reservation near the town of Mission, SD. The population here is estimated to be about 90% Native American with the others being ranchers and rural folks. There are many challenges for those on the Reservation- drug abuse, alcoholism, domestic violence and abuse, as well as the county here (Todd County) being the 4th poorest county in the entire nation. We have had, and still continue to have, many things to learn here with the people, but one thing we have seen first hand, and also over countless situations - our God is unending and incredibly faithful with His love!

Kathleen, Cody and Courtney