Shepherd Staff Ministries

Vision: To bring comfort and aid to God's people through prayer, giving and aiding in carrying God's people back to the land of Isreal. This is called Aliyah. The biblical mandates for this are written in our website:

Birthing Hope in Comforting Isreal

Shepherd Staff Ministries (SSM) is fulfilling the Biblical Mandate of Gentile Believers comforting God's people, the Jews.

In Isaiah 40:1 God is speaking to the Gentile or non-Jewish part of the Church. He is instructing us to "Comfort, yes comfort My people!" Says your God.

How do we comfort Israel?

  1. Pray for the peace in Jerusalem
  2. Watch over God's people
  3. Minister to them in material things, because we have received from them our spiritual heritage
  4. Carry His people back to Israel (known as Aliyah or Jewish Immigration)
  5. Show mercy
  6. Proclaim peace, good things, salvation to the Jews... saying, "your God Reigns!"
  7. Provoke to Jealousy