The Lovin Oven

The Lovin Oven is a ministry founded and directed by Debra Baldwin. The minister by making and then distributing home baked goods of all kinds. The purpose of the ministry is to not only feed a person physically through delicious home baked deserts, but also by seeking to feed them spiritually, They provide monthly treats for "Birthday Sundays" at Greater Love, treats for the sick, shut-in, etc. They also provide gifts for encouragement and offer cooking classes. Special programs at Greater Love are helped and facilitated by The Lovin Oven. A new and special part of the ministry is by blessing the men of Piedmont Men of Steel with delicious deserts every week for their meetings, etc.

Debra & daughter Amber

Debra and her daughter Amber also minister as a mother-daughter dance team. "Dance, an intimate part of worship enhances our worship and makes a reality to us of the biblical principle of offering ourselves as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable in the sight of God.